A little out of the way for a lot out of the ordinary

Since beginning trading in 1989 we have dedicated our business to the preservation of the traditional skills and expertise of the butchery trade with the aim of providing a superior product to our customers.


Whilst this is always an ongoing process, O'Kane Meats take pride in the fact that the business continues to grow and succeed; winning

  • 124 Product awards
  • 23 Butchering Skills awards
  • 15 Food Writer awards
  • 3x N Ireland champion sausage maker
  • 2x N Ireland Supreme Champion sausage maker
  • 2 National Best Shop Awards
  • 3 International Retail Awards

O'Kane Meats has also been given the HIGH 5 by Derry City Council for our Food Hygiene Rating.

Food Hygiene Rating: 5 (Very Good)


"To give the BEST quality and variety meat to our customers with the HIGHEST standards of hygiene and service"