Burgers from O'Kane Meats

As with our sausages the same rules apply. Only the best quality meats go in, so as to end with only the best quality burgers. All year round we sell seven different flavours of burgers, which goes up to about twelve during the bar-b-que season.

Some of our top burgers:

  • Beef Burger - Award winning, full of the taste of beef
  • Steak Burgers - Award winning, mild tasting with a light spice flavour
  • Peppered Burgers - Beef burgers with a coat of mixed dried peppers
  • Chicken Burgers - Lightly spiced chicken in a crispy breaded coating
  • Pork & Apple - Pork always go well with apple, this is true this time
  • Turkey & Veg - A burger with a difference
  • Pork & Leek - The taste of the summer